How To Make Money With ClickFunnels Selling Your Own Products

One of the best ways to making money online is to sell your own product.

But this requires getting people to trust your brand, you, and believe that your product will help them.

To do that, you have to have a variety of tools to get your product online and to be able to send a prospect through a sales funnel that inevitably leads them to purchase what you have to offer.

ClickFunnels is THE software that can accomplish all of this for you.

If you put a product online, there’s no guarantee that anyone will ever buy it.

They have no understanding of your brand and need to get accustomed to you first.

When you use ClickFunnels, you are able to use their pre-existing templates to build your sales funnels very quickly.

First, you need to get them to opt-in to your email list so that even if they don’t purchase right now or aren’t ready, you can email them over time to turn them into a buyer when they are ready.

In order to do this, you can use one of the many opt-in templates that ClickFunnels offers to give something away for free in exchange for your visitor’s email. You can check out many of the templates here:

So if you have a free guide, ebook, or another lead magnet, you can give it away just by asking for their email address.

Once they input their email, they have taken the biggest step to committing to your brand and are now part of your prospect base.

The main benefit with ClickFunnels though, is that you don’t have to wait to sell them on anything.

Once they give you their email, you can take them to your thank you page.  Now, most people don’t take advantage of his, but you can actually make money from your thank you page if you are creative.

There’s no waiting days, weeks, or months to turn that email subscriber into a customer. You can do it immediately!

Make more money with Upsells and Downsells

Also, if you have multiple products related to the initial product you are trying to sell, you can sell them to the customer IMMEDIATELY after that first sales page.

Whether the customer purchases that first product or not, you can sell them on an additional product afterward.

These are known as upsells and downsells.

An upsell is a product (usually higher priced) that you can sell to the customer AFTER they have committed to buying your initial product.

If you were selling a fitness workout program with a 30-day diet as your main package, your upsell could be a recipe book.

If they don’t commit to buying your initial product, they might click “No thanks!” or something similar on the sales page.

You might think you’ve lost your customer now, but wait, that’s not the case!

When they click on “No thanks”, they’ll be taken to a downsell page where you can provide them with a cheaper priced product that they can purchase to still become a customer!

So if you were selling a fitness workout program with a 30-day diet and they don’t purchase the package on the initial sales page, you can sell them only the workout program (without the diet plan) on the downsell.

The downsell would be a product with a cheaper price which can get the customer to still commit to buying. Because there is less money involved, they can still try one of your products at a lower price to see if they want to continue to commit to your business.

Also, now you have their email so you can still email them over time to sell them your diet book and recipes book if they like they workout program!


The beauty of selling with ClickFunnels is that you get multiple ways to sell a product or products and never run out of options. There are a variety of templates and examples of funnels that you can use to get customers.

ClickFunnels makes it super easy to do all of this. You can have a funnel built in less than an hour and start making sales.

If you are serious about selling your products online, then ClickFunnels is exactly what you need to get your business fully automated to generate revenue.

Click here to get started with ClickFunnels;

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