Why You Need To Be Using Sales Funnels

Whether you’ve been in business your entire life or you’re new to this whole online business thing, there’s one thing you HAVE to have if you want to be successful.

You need to have a sales funnel, regardless of what you’re selling.

Whether it’s an ebook, course, physical product, program, or literally anything you want to sell using a website, you need to have a proper online sales funnel.

Sales funnels involve moving down a process that turns a prospect into a customer using the following stages:

  1. Awareness – Discovering who you are
  2. Interaction – Engaging with your content or brand
  3. Interest – Developing a serious interest in what you have to offer
  4. Action – Buying from you

When using a sales funnel online, there is a little more technology involved that turns a prospect into a customer.

The idea is that you give your prospect something they gets them to engage with you further, eventually leading to a sale.

There is a ton of software out there that has tried to do this successfully, but none works better than ClickFunnels.

After all, it has the word “funnel” in its name!

Russell Brunson, founder of Clickfunnels, took the sales funnel process that he experimented with for years online and created software to simplify the process.

With just a few simple steps using ClickFunnels, you can build an amazing sales funnel that turns a cold prospect into a customer.

Look at how it works in the image below:

why you need a sales funnel

Don’t get lost in the acronyms or how complicated this might appear to be.

We’ll break this down and then explain how EASY it is to get something like this set up in just a short amount of time.

The idea is that you can use multiple ways to reach your prospect (depending on what you’re selling) and turn them into a customer.

You start with a bribe. It’s basically something you give away for free like a short ebook, video, or even a physical book, wristband, pen, etc.

This gets someone to opt-in and gives you their email address.

Once they’re in and submitting their information, you can sell them on a product.

So for instance, if you’re bribing them with a free guide, you can sell them on a piece of software.

At this point, they have inputted their buyer information and are committed to buying.

Here, you can provide a one-time offer (OTO) where someone can upgrade their order. So in our software example, they would upgrade their order to have an additional add-on that supplements the software they are buying to increase the functionality. The key point about an OTO is that it disappears after this stage if they don’t choose to buy.

As a result of scarcity and the chance of losing out on in this incredible offer, the buyer is more inclined to take advantage of this offer.

Because their payment information is already in your system at this stage, Clickfunnels can allow the buyer to upgrade to this OTO just by the click of a button.

They don’t even need to enter their payment information again and go through an additional checkout process!

It simplifies the process to make it easier for the buyer to commit to buying. The less work a buyer has to do, the easier it is for them to be happy with their purchase.

After that, they get sent to a confirmation page where they can view their purchase and any additional information you would like to provide.

This may all seem daunting as to how to even create these pages.

There are multiple pages involved along with implementing videos, images, and of course, payment processing.

ClickFunnels makes this incredibly easy to implement because it does all of the work for you.

You can just follow their template and have a complete set up in less than an hour.

The key behind a sales funnel is that it warms your prospect into being comfortable with you so that they are comfortable to purchase from you.

They trust you and feel you can provide the value they need.

It’s a lot harder to sell someone something when they have no relationship with you. A relationship allows a customer to trust you, improving customer satisfaction.

Building an automated sales funnel through ClickFunnels allows you to build that relationship.

And the best part is, because it’s fully automated, this sales funnel is constantly running even while you’re running errands, spending time with family, or sleeping.

So you will constantly have prospects coming through your sales funnel at all times of the day, engaging with what you have to offer, and purchasing without you ever having to actually talk with the customer (unless of course, you want to before they go through the funnel!).

It really is that easy and simple. If you’d like to start building your own sales funnel, you can start one just by using ClickFunnels.

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